Golf Club Caddie

How Many times have you lost a club,  forgot a club and had to go back a hole or two to retrieve it, stepped  on or watched some other player step on your club, picked up a club from  the ground wet, or moan with pain when bending.

You are not alone!

In fact, everyday on every course - someone loses a club. That's five million clubs each year lost or left behind.

Tees,  Towels, Divot Repair Tools; and yes, even Flagpoles, are being used to  support Golf Clubs.  None provide the quality, security & comfort of  the "Club Caddie".

Club Caddie supports Long or Belly Putters, as well as "Fat Shafted" Clubs. 

From the Shaft to the Grip, to the Support Bar, you will be proud to use and display our solution, the "Club Caddie".